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Registering a claim
Register your claim online

The fastest and most secure way to make a claim is online. You can register your claim quickly and easily here.  

You'll need to attach receipts for everything you're claiming for, otherwise we cannot process your claim. 

We can usually settle your claim with the information you provide to us online but occasionally, we may need to contact you to validate medical information and other important information in order to make a decision about your claim. 

If you are claiming for expenses which relate to more than one medical condition, you’ll need to submit one form for each medical condition per insured person for each insurance year.

What documents do you need

We require the completed claim form accompanied by detailed receipts and invoices for your medical expenses.

Please note a claims assessor may contact you for further information including medical reports for validation of your claim, should it be required. Please keep all original documents that you send us as we reserve the right to request them.

If you're ready to make your claim please click here.